Phaxan™ Pharmacokinetics Superior to Propofol

24th September 2016: Drawbridge has completed the pharmacokinetic analysis of plasma samples taken during the clinical trial trial:

“A Phase 1c Trial Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of a New Aqueous Formulation of Alphaxalone with Propofol”: Monagle et al. Anesthesia and Analgesia 2015 (121) 4; 914-924

The results confirm that the formulation of alphaxalone as Phaxan™ is superior to propofol as a short-acting intravenous anaesthetic. Clearance of Phaxan™ is significantly faster than propofol with shorter mean residence times.  Phaxan™ recovery is fast and more complete. The results will be reported in detail in a peer reviewed journal and at a major international meeting of anaesthetists in 2017.